Welcome to Jackson Coffees

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Exploring Brazilian coffee production regions, our   team search for specialty coffees, aiming to offer microlots with different profiles and flavors.
  Every purchase is unique, since each farm produces very specific and unique coffees, even year after year, depending on climate, soil, variety.
  We do not blend our coffees because we really offer only specialty coffees, with their own body, tasty, terroir, variety, etc.
Our customers are coffee shops, coffee retails, coffee lovers, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  We informs all registered customers every time a microlot is available.

We sends a report for each microlot,                                                                                                           We are developed partnership with coffee

explaining about origin, flavors, farmers,                                                                                                   farmers , aiming to find and to prepare

creating an excellent opportunity to offer unique coffees                                                               correctly best coffees, increasing their

to your customers.                                                                                                                                                    Incomes by receiving fair prices for their

There won´t be other microlot like each one offered by us.                                                             Specialty coffees

Download our presentation and our prices.pdf